Multimedia Robot Performer.


IRobot is a robot performer based in Italy. The custom made composite suit together with hi-tech devices make this robot a one of a kind show stopper. From trade shows to corporate events IRobot will grab everyone's attention from yards away.


About IR

IRobot is the ultimate walk-around marketing tool. It will create an unforgettable experience for your audience and lead your message in a way they will never forget, mixing communication, technology and entertainment. People will gather around your brand, attracting media attention and cameras.

Audience interaction and Custom graphics

People of all ages love to take pictures with IRobot and publish them on their social media profile. When IRobot enters any venue people start snapping.

Mobile kiosk

Thanks to the ipad mounted on the costume chest you can run your favourite app. People can interact with the robot touching the screen for in-depth information about your products, to fill in forms or to explore a trade show map to know their position.


IRobot can make any sound, play music or "speak" in any language to welcome guests, give interviews or participate in conferences.


IRobot is suitable for any kind of venue. Nightclubs, trade shows, wedding, corporate events. He can dance among your audience or use its special effects like smoke, lights or pyrotecnics to create a wow factor.


IRobot is your one of a kind frontman. He can display your logo on its chest or a slideshow of your products. For increasingly high-tech customers your business must create less predictable marketing strategies.

Be Creative

Be creative. IRobot is always willing to explore new ways to interact with your guests. The show is limited only by your imagination!



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